Let’s save the Earth for our Future Generation

Event called “Let’s save the Earth for our Future Generation’’ took place at school N-2 in Sarukhan village!

At school N-2 in Sarukhan village of Gekharquniq region on 20th of april took place an event headlined “Let’s save the Earth for our Future Generation’’, dedicated to nature protection and ecological problems that people are facing today.
Embracing the elements of air, water and soil, that appeal to all humanity for their pollution and disaster, the pupils presented the ecological problems in these areas of the Earth, also they paid attention to the environmental issues in Armenia.
Expecting the devastating effects that threaten to our glorious Earth in future, young environmentalists have urged to guests to show love and care for nature, highlighting everyone’s responsibility towards the future of the Earth and future generations.
During the event interesting videos, songs and aphorisms dedicated to nature were presented.
SPARE-teacher: Tsaghik Khchoyan.