“Open Lesson” for 34 SPARE-pupils

On October 12, SPARE-pupils of Chambarak N 2 and Kasakh N2 schools participated in an ”Open lesson” organized by Eco-club ”Tapan”. The ”Open lesson” was held at the Nuclear Power Plant in Metsamor city of Armenia and at the Metsamor Historical Museum.
In the first half of the class children visited the NPP Training Center where the students were detailed on the history of the NPP’s establishment, its strategic, economic and social importance. Pupils, who have already studied the NPP’s operating principles within the scope of “The Use of Energy and Resources “, have raised questions about the NPP’s work and safety. Then the pupils were directed to the modeling hall, where were presented individual components of the Nuclear Power Plant were presented the principles of its production and work in details. As a result, the knowledge of the children about the nuclear power plant and energy production in general was strengthened and became practical from theoretical.
In the second half of the event SPARE-pupils visited the Metsamor Historical Museum where they were studying the 5,000-year-old exponator with great interest and attention.
Eco-club ”Tapan” NGO and SPARE- project thank the staff of the Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant, the RA Ministry of Energy and the Metsamor Historical Museum for the great support and cooperation shown in educating our pupils and raising their awareness.
SPARE-teachers, Marine Muradyan(Chambarak school) and Paytsar Ghazaryan(Kasakh school).